Which Welcome to Night Vale Character are You?

Which Welcome to Night Vale Character are You?

Welcome to Night Vale is filled with bizarre yet cool characters. Let's find out which one are you?

published on July 04, 201531 responses 6 4.0★ / 5

Which profession would you prefer to be in?

Radio Host
Radio Intern
A Loving Parent
A Spy
A Dragon

Where would you rather live?

Night Vale
Desert Bluffs

What's your favorite color?

I don't have eyes so I can't "see"

Pick a saying.

Good night, Night Vale. Good Night
Strexcorps: believe in the Smiling God!
I'm not a hero, I'm a scientist
You won't believe what I can touch without you feeling it
I read books! Don't tell anyone, okay?
I'm literally a five-headed dragon
I don't believe in mountains

Quick! The tiny army underneath Lane 5 of the bowling alley is attacking us! Pick one thing to take with you!

A floating cat
The Smiling God will protect us!
Your boyfriend
A weapon
I'm safe in your home
An illegal novel

What do you do in you're spare time?

Host a radio show
Same as the first answer
Being the mayor
Planning on over throwing the mayor
Same as answer above
Looking after my handicapped step-daughter

How do you feel about floating cats?

Even though I'm a dog person, I love them!
A cat? Floating?
I'm allergic
Why would a cat be floating?
They're cute but I think I might set it on fire
A cat should not be floating
They're adorable!

What quality do you like in a person?

A sexy voice
Deep eyes
It's what's on the inside that counts
Multiple personalities
He knows what's up