WWFFY Sonic (Girls Only) 3

WWFFY Sonic (Girls Only) 3

This is my last WWFFY Sonic quiz. Hope you enjoy! (By the way, if you haven't done the other quizzes then I suggest you do them before this one)

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Okay, recap is that you step inside the ship belonging to Silver, Shadow, Sonic and Shadic and you hear a scream. We'll take it from there.

Okay, nice
Yeah, I know
What happens next?

So anyway, you hear a scream. You and the other four hedgehogs race through the corridors until you get to the room. There you see a white bat in pink and black, and a plain pink hedgehog dressed in red. "ADMIT IT!" the pink one screams, "You love Sonic!"
The bat looks flustered and angry.
"Hey, hey!" Sonic yells, blushing.
"SONIC!" Amy shouts and runs up to him.

I'm stayin' outta this!
Haha, Sonic, FAIL TO YOU! [bursts into laughter]
I hope she didn't hurt the bat!
Everyone, stop!

Sonic looks embarrassed. "Oh, hi Amy!" he says awkwardly.
"SONIC! ROUGE IS TRYING TO OUTDO ME!!" she scowls at Rouge.
"Hey, don't look at me!" Rouge says in a smooth voice. "Okay, I WON'T!" Amy huffs. "EVER!"

Please stop!
Whoa, that girl's FEISTY!
I feel sorry for Sonic!
Rouge didn't do anything, Amy!

"Anyway, come on," Sonic says, and you all go into the control room. On a huge screen there is a picture of 7 jewels.
"These are the Chaos Emeralds," Sonic says, pointing to them. "They have the power to keep the universe safe - or destroy it, depending on who has them. At the moment we have 6. We still need to acquire the last one."
"And to do THAT," butts in Shadic, "We need to find the keeper of the Master Emerald, Knuckles."

Oh, I know him!
He guards the Master Emeralds?
Yeah, he's a good friend of mine!
Do we HAVE to??

"Okay, we better get going then," Shadow says, and pulls out a green emerald. He holds hand with Sonic, who holds hands with Silver, and so on.
"Chaos...CONTROL!" Shadow shouts, and a green flash surrounds you.

Teleportation? Nice!
Pfft. So easy.

You appear at an island, in front of a shrine. In the middle is a red echidna. Behind him is a huge emerald, a larger version of the one Shadow had.
"Hey, Knucko!" Shadic calls.
"PLEASE don't call me that." Knuckle sighs.
"Listen Knuckles, we need the last emerald. Can you give it to us, please?" Silver asks.
"Sure," Knuckles says, and hands over a shiny emerald.
"Whoa, did you actually just do that?" Shadow smirks, "Normally we have to pry it off you."
"I learn from my experiences." Knuckles says calmly.
"Okay, well, I guess we should go." Sonic says, and the green light appears again.

Cya, Knucko!

You appear in your yard. The spaceship is still there. "Goodbye, ____." Sonic says to you.
"Wait what?" you ask, "You're leaving? What did you even need me for anyway? I didn't do anything!"
"We can't tell you that." Silver says softly. "See you around, ____."

Go ahead, LEAVE ME LIKE THAT! [sulks in corner]
Please, don't go!
See you around...

They disappear in a blur of colours. You stare at the space for a while and then go inside. You flop onto your bed and go to sleep.

Lalala! [Me: What?]

In the morning you wake up and switch on the telly to the news. On the screen you see four blurs racing across the street. One is blue, one is black and red, one is white and one is white and red.