Are you Beautiful OR Pretty

Are you a beautiful soul or a pretty soul? Do you wanna know? WELL THAN, Take this quiz to find out if your beautiful or pretty!

published on November 20, 201441 responses 25 4.6★ / 5

Do you stand up to bullying?

I hate bullying! Those poor kids how are being treated like sh-t!
I'm the bully so...
I'm the one being bullied :(
No of course not

Favorite color!?

Favorite color!?
Blue like the shimmering ocean blue
HMMM... are sparkles colors?
Other but they are beautiful colors!

What do you wear everyday?

What do you wear everyday?
A cute T-shirt, a cute skirt and some flats
Jeans and a t-shirt with sneakers
A cute summer dress with sparkles and high-heels
Sneakers,short sleeve shirt, capris shorts

Do you want a muffin?

Do you want a muffin?
Ummm... What?
Yes Yeash Yup! I want a MUFFIN!
Umm no way!
Of course! You want a half?

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