What's your personality looking like

Let's see if your personality is really great. Some people have really bad personalities and that doesn't look good at all.

published on May 22, 201712 responses 1

It's a Friday night you already made plans with your friends, your mom/dad said it was okay for you to go, then they made plans and they forgot they said it was okay. What do you do?

Get a little bummed out
but try to make fun out
of it
Throw a tantrum and
make your parents let
you go with your
A little disappointed but your happy you get to spend the night with your family

Your at school somebody bumps into you and make you drop everything your carrying but they say sorry. What do you do?

Make the person pick up your stuff and then push them back and walk away
Tell them it's okay and pick up your stuff and go to where you were going
Be a little sarcastic with a joke and tell them to be careful

Your at the mall with you friends, you see this cute guy/girl and they are making fun of a nerd reading. What do you do

Laugh and walk past trying not to get bullied yourself
Laugh and join in trying to get his attention
Laugh but try to get him to stop because nobody deserves to get bullied

Your invited to a huge party and you show up but see people fighting in the front yard, somebody accidentally pushed you into someone else and they yell at you to watch out. What do you do?

Sorry I was just trying to see what was happening
Don't yell at me it wasn't my fault. And walk away laughing
Shut up! It's not my fault you were in the way and try to get in the front

Your forced to go to the store with you embarrassing uncle/aunt, you see a group of people from your school that your friends with and they are with a cute girl/boy. What do you do?

Walk past them, you don't care they are just friends
Wtf! Why are they here! Omg I have got to go to the bathroom right now!
I look like a monkey! Come on