Is your house haunted? (3)

Is your house haunted? (3)

Have you ever heard weird noises and wondered is your house haunted? Or you are simply curious? The result might be shocking, so, are you ready?

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Have you ever felt that someone is watching you, but when you turn around, there’s nobody?

Yes! It was creepy!
I don’t really remember...

Have you ever bought something vintage like old furniture or doll and you put it in your house?

No... Vintage is not my
Yes!! So...?
Maybe... But it’s not in my
house anymore.
I didn’t exactly bought it, I
found it/someone gave me.
Yes, but it’s not real vintage.
It’s like new, but they made
it look old...?!
I guess yes?

Have you ever put something somewhere, and it went missing/you found it in a complete different place?

Yes, but I don’t think a
ghost did it. Maybe my
parents/sibling took it?!
Nope. That sounds bad.
Yes! It happens kinda often!

Do you hear weird noises at night?

I don’t know because I’m
sleeping, duh!
Like, never!
Yes, but I suppose that’s
just my pet/family

Have you ever talked to someone you don’t know in your garden/next to the entrance, you looked at somewhere else and she/he disappeared?

One time, but I think he/she
can run very fast.
That happens often!
It happened once long time
ago. But I still have a bad
feeling about it.

Do you sleep with lights on?

Everyday, because I simply
don’t like the dark.
Yes, because I think
something is going on at
No, hey, listen! Normal
people sleep with light OFF!
No, but I can hear/see
something unusual.

Does your pet starts to howl/bark/meow at nothing?

Yes. Is that normal?
No, that never happened.
I don’t have a pet.

Have you ever felt that someone is touching you?

Not really...
All the time!
It happened once.
I don’t think so. But
I just bumped into my chair,

What kind of sound do you hear?

Someone calling my name.
And that’s NOT my
The floor is creaking all the
Some really weird sounds
like “psst”, “ghuiheh”, etc.
Someone laughing.
I can’t hear unusual sounds!

Do you believe in ghosts?

Not always.