Which hated kind of person on qfeast r u?

u'll know if ur a satchi, qfeast team, veggie acc, thyme, etc. this might be offensive, but...*inserts bitch face*

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Ooh those pants are see-through (u perv)
Ok everybody put this on ur profile to spite qf lmao
stop this thing, it's spam.
Ugh, it's so annoying! STFU! I'm...I'm leaving this godforsaken place. BIIIIITTTXCH
perfect chance for me to rant. (without tw) i wanna ... i wanna ...
Wow, this person is bad. I'll add u to my list of ppl who r bad and bitchy

yo mamma so fat

and stupid
That's fine, I only care about P A N T S, JUST yeah. Snore mode
her ass so fat too
(Y/N) is always being offensive and trying to be cool
stop, this is hurting me! u know that i'm on the verge of killing myself?
she loves to wear trousers

star this quiz. comment too. follow meeee

huh, and (Y/N) is such a wannabe
No bitch! You always want attention!
yus veggies r a team
wanna rp with me?
thinks: mhm, somebody i can rant to without even having to put tw~
Not allowed to ask for feedback, followers, rates, comments

i have weird toes

yeah me 2
ooh i wanna see them
this rly reminds me of when i tried to slit my toenails (who does that...?)
u fake that u have weird toes to try and be random like cabbage
Ugh, ur gross!
I'm ignoring this. on a P A N T S spree

i don't fu cking care if this is short.

me hate u?

me also hate u lmao
Stop. This is so negative
But I'm the creator of all!
Aww, rp will make it better