What color are you? (5)

What color are you? (5)

What color are you? Purple, green, pink, blue, or red? Take this quiz and figure out if you are your own favorite color!

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If your friend keeps pushing her/his point and not letting you get your word in what would you do?

Blow up in her/his face and yell until they give.
Stay calm and settle to an agreeable compromise.
Let her/him settle down and then tell your point.
Keep pushing your point and don't give up until they see your side.
Try to joke it out and make her/him forget the argument.

You are decorating the Christmas tree, what is your choice of ornaments?

Everything everywhere!
A very selective pattern of red green blue.
Green green green!
Little dots of everything all over the tree
Garland and lights in a flowing pattern.

Someone is gossiping about your friend and you want to make them feel better, how?

Find the person and yell at them until they stop.
Tell your friend to ignore the bullies.
Confront the bullies and ask them nicely to stop and talk to them to ask them why they are bothering your friend.
Let the bullies keep bothering your friend, it'll keep up her strength!
Try and joke it off.

What is your mood?


Your Mom wants to have a Spa day for her friends and she has given it to you to plan, what do you put on the list?

Hot Towel Rejuvination
Calming Candles and a foot rub
Low Light and Jungle sounds
Tapping Pressure points for soreness
Foot bath and lotion scrub