Are you an Angel or a Devil?

Are you an Angel or a Devil?

Are you BAD or SWEET?? This quiz will tell you. HAVE FUN!! lol :D :D :D

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Your friends are making fun of the little third graders. what would you do?

I would tell them to stop, even if it means losing my friends. obviously they're not real friends if they're picking on little ones :P
I would tell them to stop. they would still be my friends, because they like it when i give them wise suggestions. :)
I would join! I would beat the crap out of those chillens!
It depends on if i like these little ones...
what do i get for leaving them alone? please make it a nice prize!! not a sh*tty one!!

What do u think about babies?

they're so cute!!
I love babies, and i love to baby-sit!!!
They're okay... they're ok... they're fine..

Pizza for dinner! Yum! But there's only one left, and you only had 2. Your little brother had one. Would you let him have it, or sneak to have the last one without your mother or father knowing?

Of course i would let my brother have it! I'm not cruel.
Well... sometimes I really hate him, so it depends on if he's being annoying/stupid or not.
I don't care how he feels, i just want that pizza! all i care about is that i get my food!!
I can't decide. i wouldn't wanna be hurtful to him, but i also wouldn't wanna let him have it, if i want it.
What do i get for letting that rat have it? a million bucks? an ipod touch?

Are you mean to little kids?

no comment....
NO...a little... a tiny bit...
no, of course not :)
I love children :)

What do you think you are?

no comment...
A devil!! I like things my way!!
An angel, but i don't like to brag...
I don't know because i'm a little bit a both... lol