What Element Are You? (15)

What Element Are You? (15)

Have you ever wondered what element you are? Well tune in for this quiz! The different results you can get are Life, Death, Tech, Earth, Air, Water, Fire and *drumroll*...Magic! Be sure to answer honestly.

published on May 11, 201521 responses 4 4.8★ / 5

How much do you go outside?

2+ Times a day.
Every 2 days or something along those lines.
-4 days a week

How many hours do you spend on technology a day?

-1 in a half hours.
2-5 hours
6-10 hours
10+ Hours

Do you believe in magic?

Yes, I do.
When I see some magic tricks I think it's real magic but some, I don't think it's legitimate.

What color would you prefer to have out of these?

Light Blue

If someone shorter than you tries to knock you out, what do you do?

I wouldn't be happy, because if I see someone said that on a computer, I'd feel less sad.
Lightly attack him then walk away.
Attack him brutally then start a fight
My weapon of choice is a water bottle/bottle if I want to fight him back.
Say "Hope you burn then"
Do a trick to defend yourself.
Throw a natural source at him like dirt
Attack him really hard and run away.