Which Bratz girl are you? (1)

Which Bratz girl are you? (1)

Yes I know, Some of you may not like the Bratz but for some odd reason I do, so if you don't like the Bratz please don't take this quiz if your gonna hate. Anyway for those of you who do like the Bratz Let's find out who you are! Cloe,Jade,Yasmin or Sasha

published on December 27, 201283 responses 19
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Which nickname sounds the coolest?

Kool Kat
Pretty Princess
Bunny Boo

Out of these colors which do you like the most?

Emerald green
Honey yellow

What do you find your personallity as?

Sweet, but tough!
Loud, funny and never boring!
I might be quiet off-stage, but I’m a star when I’m in the spotlight!
Fiercely loyal and destined for success!

What's your favorite food?

Thai curry…But make it vegetarian, please!
Sushi! They’re colorful, cute and so delish!
Pasta or anything Italian and Mediterranean
I’m always on-the-go, so I prefer smoothies and energy drinks!

Which kind of books do you like to read?

Big, twisty mysteries...I love trying to figure it all out!
National Geographic or anything science- or nature-related!
Romance novels with fairy-tale endings...I can’t deal with sob stories!
Biographies of successful people

Which kind of movies do you like to watch?

Big action thrillers - in 3D!
Stylish foreign films
Chick flicks
Edgy comedies

What's your favorite school subject?

Art! Painting, drawing, sculpture and especially photography...I can do it all!
Chemistry...There’s science in fashion too, y’know!
Creative writing, music
Social studies

What do you like to shop for?

The latest beauty products, anything glittery and glamorous
The hottest nail polish colors of the season, perfume (I love figuring out how the scents are created!)
Vintage dresses! I seriously have waaaay too many
Bold, statement jewelry and chunky, metallic colors

Your Perfect day would be?

Hanging’ with my girls at the mall for lunch, then going on a crazy shopping spree!
Getting a mani and pedi with my girls, seeing a cool foreign movie at the independent theater, then grabbing dinner at my fave sushi spot
Getting an early start with a yummy breakfast, then checking out what’s new at all my fave vintage boutiques
Sketching fashion designs all morning for my future clothing line, taking a quick break for a blueberry smoothie (my fave!), stopping in at the recording studio to see what’s up, then organizing a girls’ night out of fun and dancing

Which pair of shoes are your favorite?

Classic black heels with an ankle strap for added toughness!
My hot pink sneakers!
Vintage wedge heels!
Sky-high, sculptured heels!

What are your quirks?

I get so wrapped up in taking photos that my friends always remind me to enjoy the moment!
I love piling on accessories...Sometimes I don’t know when to stop!
I'm a shopaholic…I once shopped for 12 hours straight!
I love being a busy bee, but I'm always on time!