Are you a pony or a dragon?

Are you a pony or a dragon?

Got this idea from Dragon and Darby and decided to make a quiz so if you want to ask or tell me something go ahead, I don't mind have a Tumblur on my page! :)

published on December 25, 2012106 responses 35 4.1★ / 5
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Which of these are you (be honest about personality.)

Very caring and would love to help some ponies out.
laid back, love to be alone in a certain way.

Somepony came in your privacy you will...

Get mad for a little then forgive them.
Eat them, I hate ponies.

What power do you want?

super strength and fire breath
I will like a element of harmony, they're awesome!

Which one do you want to be?


You're kidding right?

No! I'm really a pony!
Why would I be kidding?