Do you like a good book?

Do you like a good book?

Everybody has a hobby - is one of your hobbies possibly reading? Take the quiz to see.

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How many books are in your shelf?

My bookshelves is full of things OTHER than books.
Well .. I need a bigger bookshelf for my books !!
Hahahaha. None.
I don't own a bookshelf.

How long do you read for ??

Well, it's not long until I get BORED :/
I'm a fast reader, soooo it cuts down my reading time a tad.
Depends on how much time I have I guess.
How long ? I don't even pick up the book :P
I can only estimate.

Would you consider yourself a bookworm?

I dunno O.o
Yes, a true bookworm
Ewww .. worms :/
Nope :)

When is your fave reading time?

In the morning.
Just before bed :)
NEVER !!!!
During the day.
Well .. I don't have one.
It differs from time to time.

How often do you read ??

Never. Really.
Always :D
Whenever I can :)
Maybe every now and then ..
Well .. does it include mags ?
Never got the time :(

How big are the 'books' you read?

500+ pages
Over 200+
Erm ... 0 pages O.o
Maybe one article?
Around 100 pages
Depends - if it's a book that I like than I don't mind reading alot of pages, and vice verser.

Do you know many authors?

Nope ... maybe 1 ??
I .. I know a few ..
Well I have tried lots of authors, I just rarely remember their names :P
Maybe 5-10 ??
My mind has gone blank O.o

Do you listen to music when you read?

Yes, it helps.
Read ? Since when did I read ?
No, I feel as if the music distracts my imagination and/or concentration
Sometimes yes, sometimes no
Errrr, I get so focused listening to music that I pay more attention to the music rather than the book
What's the point? I only read for 5mins anyways ..