Hogwarts Sorting Hat Quiz

Hogwarts Sorting Hat Quiz

Which house are you destined to be in? Find out with this very short quiz.

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Which trait do you value most?


A Boggart is staring at you. Which description is most LIKE your boggart?

Your friend is dying.
You are dying.
You being thought of as a coward.
A exam certificate with 0% engraved in the center.

You are reading your friend's homework and know he has cheating.You still have to do your homework. What do you do?

Keep it quiet; but tell your friend not to do it again.
Copy his answers; but don't tell him off.
Copy his answers, and tell him off.
Don't copy him; you are smart enough to do it yourself.

You can go through a forest or cave. The cave has a troll, but the forest is five times as longer. Which one do you pick? Your friend has picked the forest.

I'll pick the forest because my friend did.
The cave - I can fight the troll!
The forest because it is the most wise.
The forest - I don't want to go near a troll!

Your friend is in trouble and he needs your help. However you have to do your assignment Do you:

Go and help him right away.
Do your assignment and then go and help him
Make up an excuse saying you cannot help.
I'll do it, I don't care if I get detention. This will be a fun dare.

Rules are There to be Broken. Do you:

Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree

Which quality do you have?

You are good at exams.
You are very popular.
You can do any dare.
You are very sneaky.
I have others good qualities/I have a mix of some of these.

Who is your favourite character in the books?

Harry Potter
Draco Malfoy
Ernie Macmillan
Filius Flitwick

Which house do you want to be in (the Sorting hat takes your opinion into account)?


Which is your favourite animal?

Any Clever Animal