Does he really likes you

Does he really likes you

girlls... are stuck because u dont think if he likes you or not... or if you want to ask this guy out but you dont know if you should.... so why dont you find out now!!!

published on December 24, 201299 responses 6
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do they tell you complinments?

all the time!!!
sometime.. like in a blue moon
i guess i really never know if they are or not
never... i wish he did
they do but i dont agree

do yall bond all the time?

some what? i mean i guess
ummm... are you kidding me.. he dont even know im alive
half of the time yes... but usually hes with his friend
he acts like im his angel... like im his queen/king... but i kinda love it
i try to but he ignores me):
i talk to him on the fone but when it comes to person he acts like i dont even existes
i dont pay attetion... am i supposed to?

do you know alot about him?

yea... i ask him alot of questions
he/she likes to tell me alot of things... and i sometimes zone out
we just like to sit down and we talk like for hours... well it feels like it
no we dont even talk...):
i try to talk to them but he ingores me
he/she trys to talk to me but i just ingore them

does he try to hug you... put his arm around you.... or do you try to?

i try to.. but he moves away and acts like he is doing something
they trys to... i just look at him and smile and he smiles back
i try to... and he/she dont even strugge and my friends say that that start smiling or blushing
they try to... i try to move away and do soemthing

do yall talk out of school/ work?

sometimes... like once a week
all the time... i sometimes get annoyed because he wants to talk to me all the time
i dont pay attetion... am i supposed to
he calls me... but when i try to call him he ignores me?
never... he dont even know i existed
i dont have his number... i wish i did):