What Music Expresses Your Mood The Most?

What Music Expresses Your Mood The Most?

Put on a pair of earbuds and listen up... this quiz will tell you what song expresses your mood the most right now, so you can listen to what you are feeling, and get inspired!

published on February 05, 201363 responses 7
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You are at a friend's party in her condo, located in Beverly Hills, and your favorite melody plays! The first sentence that goes into your head is:

I hope s/he is having fun.
You dont think anything, but only check your texts. None.
I'm glad s/he is gone...

What will you most likely react when you hear " Only One" by Sammy Adams:

throw your phone across the room
break out in a dance move
watch a black- and white movie eating ice-cream on the couch
listen to music on your ipod

Your boyfriend calls! You answer saying:

Hey, babe!
like, OMG, where WERE YOU??

You just bought a new outfit! You picked out:

an abercrombie sweater with skinny jeans and loafers
a purse with a coat and a colorful scarf
a short dress, covered with glitter
a cute cardigan, with makeup on and charm bracelets

Your first text was:

to your EX boyfriend
actually, it was an email to have a party in a club!
to your dad, who dissapeared one day
to a friend you know ( ok fine, we're bffs! )