which fairy tale character are you ? (girls only)

which fairy tale character are you ? (girls only)

Find out who you really resemble...snow white ? bell from beauty and the beast,little mermaid,sleeping beauty...? or a creature ?

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How do you describe your beauty ?

How do you describe your beauty ?
People say I'm too beautiful for my own good,they get
very jealous !
um..people don't much comment on my looks..but I
think i'm nice looking with a bit of lipstick !
Very pretty ! I've been known by a few nick names
people have given me...
I'm very cute ! but it's my voice which captures
people's hearts !
I'm lovely ! I have the longest and most prettiest hair !
I spend allot of time on my looks !

How do you think people treat you ?

How do you think people treat you ?
Like I said they get very jealous and very nasty...but I
do have people who love me,they would do anything
for me ! but others think I don't fit in but I'm glad !
I'm always the bad guy,people always blame me for
everything when it's there own fault ! it gets tiring,I
don't trust too many people...I'm a little lonely but I
carry on.
They underestimate me,they think I'm a fool and that I
can be just pushed about but I don't let it get to
me,I'm looking for a prince !
I'm a bit of a troublemaker...so they think I'm childish
and a little stupid,I just want to have a little fun !
They think I'm wonderful,I'm the center of attention
but I do have my moments...

What do you think of your enemies ?

What do you think of your enemies ?
I don't like to think of them !
I hate them but I move on to the next.
There Animals ! they always want to try and trick me
but I'm not falling for it !
Enemies ? I don't like some people that I don't like but I
don't have Enemies..
People from my past... or my mother !

Your best feature ?

Your best feature ?
Everything ! my personality and looks !
Not my looks but my personality ? but I do have my
crazy moments
My pretty face and big round eyes !
My sweet nature and voice !
My looks of course but I can be fun just as long if what
I'm doing isn't too dangerous...

Your ideal prince

Your ideal prince
Everything I ever read or dreamed !
Still looking but I do have my eye on someone.
he shall be mine !!!!
Nope,I'm not that interested in boys...but if I had he
would be big and bad !
I just want him to love me,true love
Someone who's Romantic and wealthy