What Greek God would be YOUR Parent

Who would most likely be your parent? This quiz will help you find you Greek side!

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What is your favourite thing to do?

Punch a bag
Brush my hair

Did you read the Hunger Games?

What's the Hunger Games?
I love Cinna. He's brilliant!
Oh yes. I also read a lot of other dystopian series like that.
I feel so bad for Katniss. I mean, her father died, then her sister!

Your friends invite you to the mall. You say-

Thanks, but I have to study for a test.
I'm coming right away!
Sorry. But I've got to test out this new invention I've built.
Nobody would ever ask me out.

Do you like swimming?

No. No, no, and no.
My instrument cannot float.
YES! Water is my life!
I like Kool-Aid better.

How 'bout flying in an airplane?

I'm good.
Is there such a thing as airsickness?
YES! Aviation is my life!

Do you like getting pranked?

I like making pranks, not getting pranked.
As long as I get something to drink at the end.
Bring it on!
I like planting better.

What superpower would you like best?

The ability to give someone a big whop on the head, then get
away with it.
The ability to play any musical instrument.
Talking to animals.
Snap your fingers, and get a glass of Kool-Aid!
To get away with anything.
Build anything.
A green thumb.
To be noticed.
Ability to breathe underwater.
Summon a tornado.
To make a perfect family.