what is your theme song??

what is your theme song??

my first quiz was a mess :( lets do this again dfjvaw dsgbbv ewufvf dsubuv

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your first day of school you dress..

glam...all the way
just pick put some random outfit and hope for the best
my own style

what car do you have/want

sports car
i don't have one
anyone as long as it takes me somewhere

what do you do for your 16 b-day

throw a sweet 16...don't care how much money..
hanging out with friends and have my fav food
when the time comes or whatever

what pet do you want??

don't need one when i have awesome parties to attend
dog part train :)
pet tiger

whats for dinner

sammish :P on a train

who is your role model

selena gomez
i want food!!
trains O.o

well rate...like

wasn't worth my time..
sure..if i get a train or...out of politeness
ohhh..look a catus!