Are you well?

Are you well?

Hopefully a helpful quiz that will help you decide weather you are well enough to go to work/school.

published on January 08, 2011101 responses 25
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When u got up this morning you felt,

Like you were going to be sick
Abit dizzy or had a headache
I had pains in certain areas of my body, it hurt

What have you eaten today?

Its only morning, i have eaten breakfast.
I have eaten all meals
I have eaten nothing all day
I haven't eaten anything but i will go eat something after this quiz
I have snacked all day
I have eaten some meals, but skipped 1 or maybe 2
I'm not hungry or i would eat something
Its not the end of the day yet so i have only eaten breakfast and lunch

How often do you go to the doctors?

Often for a check-up
Never. I hate the doctors
Only if i have to
Very often, i am known to be ill alot

How long do you sleep for?

I go to bed late and ZzZzZ.. ! er i have to get up early for work/school
I go to bed early and get up early
I go to sleep for a long time, on weekends i get up around lunch
I stay up late and its easy to get up on a morning to go to school/work early

Do you think you are healthy/well?

Well i have my 5 a day, does that count?
No i was sick last night
Nope, i have got a headache
No i have been bleeding quite heavy
Yes, i'm very well and healthy

Do you wash your hands often?

Who would'nt?!
I do after i have been to the toilet
Oooops, i forgot. I'll go wash them soon
All the time! especially before meals
Never! I don't like clean stuff

How often do you go outside to get fresh air?

In the summer, everyday! But its cold in the winter
Yeah i go outside plenty
Lets pretend i'm allergic to the outdoors okay?
I go out if i need to
Not much