Whats Your Kind of Lip Tatoo?

Whats Your Kind of Lip Tatoo?

When you are going out on a friday night, you dont know what to put on! Well, you are in luck! You can put on lip tatoos! But what kind are you? You can find out. Nows your chance!

published on December 21, 201237 responses 5
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your fave color:

Neon green
brown/ hazel
sea green

You need to write an article for the paper in your school! You write:

All about the latest gossip- doesnt everyone want to hear about how Kate broke up with Kyle?
The yummiest recipies- everyone wants to know how to make those famous holiday sugar cookies!
All about the latest fashions- whats in, and whats out!
All those cute nail designs- everyone needs to look glam while walking in the hallway in highschool!
A really cool new horror movie coming out soon! I cant wait to go see it in theaters while chewing down some black liccorice!

Whats your favorite junkfood?

pretzels - sweet and salty!
popcorn- food colored bright colors- just like bibble!
chips- a nice crunchy sensation!
licorrice- yum!
animal crackers- just soo good!

One word to describe you:


Its your friends birthday! Her theme suggests to wear somethingtotally your style. You check your closet. You take out:

A mini pink dress - you want to look nice'n cute!
A long black gown- you want to look bold and dark. And you even throw in a rose!
A colorful romper with neon flowers on it- You want to look like the only person in the room.
You would want to wear a black lace dress to look like you ripped up your outfit to look hot!
Just a reguar lenth white dress with a cute charm bracelet.