Is he more than a friend? (1)

Is he more than a friend? (1)

Do you have a sneeky suspision hes more than a friend? Or just want to try for fun? Come on see what you get

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Would you ever ask HIM out?

No the boy should ask the girl out.
Yea I could ask him anything.

When you walk by him and he sees you (however hes chatting to his mates)he:

Runs over to say HI and see how you are.
He looks up and nods but contiues his convo.

What do youre friends think?

Hes way more into the game than you
ENOUGH is enough you two should so get together.

What was the last compliment he gave you?

"youre sooo cooll!!!!"
"Thanks for inviting me over!"

You have been friends for?

Just a few weeks we are still getting to know each other.
So long I cant remember how we met.