Can you survive the Killer?

Can you survive the Killer?

Th killer is bloodthirsty and after everyone in your town. Will you make it?

published on December 20, 2012129 responses 26 4.8★ / 5

You watched the news. A serial killer is in your town, and 23 are already dead. What do you do?

Stay in the house
Look outside, then go back in
Run out screaming
Wander outside

You spot a very suspicious person. What do you do?

Confront him
Stay back
Look for a weapon on him

The man turns out to fit the exact description, and he starts to walk after you. What do you do?

Pull out your phone and call 911
Scream for help

A car pulls up, and the man offers to save you. What do you do?

Try to strangle him and steal his car
Get in
Reject and walk away

You nearly make it out when the car stops. What do you do?

Try to start the car again
Walk from there