what type of boy will you end up with

what type of boy will you end up with

i just thought it would be fun to make one so i did please comment and make sure to have fun and a nice dayi know i will will you ?

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whta your favorite color

soft colors
i love the ocean color its calm
wild crazy colors
any color will be great
dark colors

what do you want as a boyfriend

someone who is serious but at times is fun to be around
someone who cares for me and is kind and gently
someone who is shy but speaks when he needs to speak but at the same time cares for me
someone who can make me laugh when im mad and i cnat help but cry
someone who is like a friend and at the same time listen to my problems and helps me out
none of these

what would you like to do on a first date

a picnic in a graden
to a carnvel
just sit and watch a movie
some where nice and quiet

what do you look for in a guy

understanding,kinda,and loving
serious,nice,-at times a funny side
someone who can make me laugh when i feel sad
someone who is queit,but ccan speak there mind -at times
someone like a buddy,be able to talk to , someone who is relablie

if you where standing in the rain what would you want him to do

wrap his arms around you and kiss you till l the sun comes out
picks me up and carry you to a shade places and he looks at you as to wonder what his next move
looks at me and walks there and cuddle me in his arms and sit there with me and just talk to me
tell me that im crazy and thats what he loves about me
come out there ready to make me laugh and make you feel like its gonna be okay and there is nothing to worry about