What color are you? (4)

What color are you? (4)

I am in second period at school and bored out of my mind. I am glad that this website isn't locked! Anyway.... I am makingthis to see what type of color I would describe you as

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What color do you feel like?

Black - sad
purple - magical
yellow - wild child! Forever young!
pink - popular, makeup and shopping
Orange - smart and nerdy

What kind of notebook/folder/binder do you have?

some color with sparkles and shiny things
black and white, boring stuff
I taped pictures of 1direction, justin bieber, rihanna, miley cyrus, ECT.
solid color
i carve into it
i doodle on it
i do math work on the cover

When you wake up in the morning which of the folllowing is you?

When I wake up I jump up and get ready as fast i can so i can meet friends and cath up on gossip.
I lay in bed until someone is screaming at my to get out of bed because I am late.
I don't sleep, to happy
I am up an hour or so early so that I can sit around and take my time
I sing and dance while i get ready, or just listen to some music,

Do you like to lay in the middle of nowhere and watch the stars?

No, boring
I can't stay till even if I wanted too
sounds amazing
I love to point out the different shapes of the stars and imagine stories to them
I like to sit on a bench and point out things like dippers, pictures, write notes, ECT.

What group are you in?


What music do you like?

Black Veil Brides!!
Justin Bieber!!
Miley cyrus!!
No music
One direction!!
Asking alexandria!!
Three days grace!!
other happy like 97.3
other like 106.1

At school what do you do inbetween classes?

I walk with my BFFs
I walk alone because my friends are somewhere else, or they are absent alot
I walk alone, noone likes to hang with me
I skip and say hi to everyone that I know
I read and walk at the same time
I am late because I am so caught up in the class