Would we be Best Friends?

Would we be Best Friends?

Take my quiz to see if we would be best friends, normal friends, passbys, or enemies. (No matter what happens thanx for taking my quiz and I will luv u forever! XD)

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So, you and your best friend are super close. Like peanut butter and Jelly. Always together. One day you see her being yelled at and he books all over the floor. But its the most popular girl in school doing it. What do you do?

A) Ignore it and if she told you than you say "Oh my god I didn't know I am so sorry!"
B) Tell them to stop and when they don't walk away and apologize later
C) Run over and help, then beat the crap out of the popular girl
D) Help the bullies out

Your and your best friend were planning on going to a big party on friday night. You were so excited, everyone was going and if you didn't go than you were considered a loser. You get a call and your best friend tells you that she was grounded and can't go. What do you do?

A) get mad and ignore her for a while because you didn't want to be alone and you missed an awesome party
B) Go to her house and hang with her instead of the party
C) Go anyway and stop being friend with her because shes a "loser"
D) Go anyway but tell her you didn't and still hang with her

You and your best friends were going to the beach and she is wearing the ugliest outfit EVER! You don't want to be mean even thought the most popular girl ever is going to be there. What do you do?

Tell her to change because "the weather", than tease her about it later
Give her your extra clothes because you don't want her to look bad
Tell her she is ugly and if she doesn't change than you are leaving without her
You don't give a crap and you gies go hang out

Your best friend forgot her homework and asks to copy yours even though if you get caught you get detention for cheating. What do you do? (Sally is just a random name!)

"No Sally I can't get detention because I have a party to go to."
"Sally I am sorry but you need to try your best and study more."
"One is A. two is C, ..ect"
"Heres my paper!"

You frends bday is coming up and she told you she didn't want anything at all. What do you do?

Don't get her anything 'cause you want to be loyal to her.
Get her a card at least
Suprise her with something from her favorite band or singer, ect.
Get her a cheap pen, and tell her you wanted to get her something at least


Its OK, try better
It sux, you need a life
Great I love it!
I am bored I don't really care