do u like skool

do u really like skoool

published on January 02, 201165 responses 15
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how would u feel if u went 2 boarding skool

id feel great ive always wanted 2 go 2 boarding skool
i hate boarding skool
im already at a boarding skool and i luv it
im already at boarding skool but i hate it

wat do u normally do in skool

work so much times it hurts
lay back and relax
study 2 a bunch of tests coming up at lunch or whenever i have time
recess or hangin outside

wen the teacher isnt looking wat do u do

just sit there
start whispering 2 ur friends
look in books
start messing with things in ur desk

the teacher asks u a question and u dont no the anwser wat do u do

guess a good guess
say u didnt study enough
try ur best
make up an excuse not 2 anwser the question

do u talk a lot in skool

not that much
if nessisary
sometimes maybe more than sometimes

at recess or lunch u

hang out with friends
ditch skool
study 4 a huge test
do bad things 2 the skool