Are you going to be rich or poor?

Hey guys, this is something I was always wondering about, take the quiz and you'll find out!

published on December 13, 201277 responses 12
Are you going to be rich or poor?
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What age are you? And remember to be honest with these Questions

11 +

Do you have a phone, and if you do how long do you use it for?

I don't have a phone
I have a phone but only use it for homework and internet when the computer isn't available!
I use it to text my friends a lot of the day
I use it for everything and use it a lot

do you watch TV and for how long?

I don't have a TV
I have a TV but I hardly ever watch it
I watch TV now and again but have better things to do
I watch TV all the time I love it, and I don't have anything other o do anyway!

How long do you spend doing your homework?

5 minutes
1-2 hrs

Do you like school?

Yes I do like school, it's really intresting
School it good
It's alright
I've better things to do
I hate school
I'm homeschooled

Do you get on well with the people around you?

Yes I love everyone and they love me!
Yes I get on well with people
I'm pretty sure they like me
not really

Do you have lots of friends?

I'd be friends with the school if I could
Yes loads
I have lots
I have my own little circle/group of friends
about 1 or 2 but they have other friends and I hardly ever see them
I sit at lunch alone, which means no!