Detox Quiz

Detox Quiz

Find out if you can benefit from a gentle detoxifying diet plan. Take this quiz to find out how toxicity is interfering with your health and happiness!

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Do you often feel tired and sluggish?

Most days.
Some days.
Never. I'm full of energy!

Do you often feel stressed and irritable?

I'm easily agitated and feel tense most of the
Little things set me off mostly in the afternoon-
I'm calm and never really feel irritation or stress.

Do you experience insomnia or difficulty falling asleep?

I fall asleep easily and sleep soundly most nights.
I have great difficulty falling asleep and staying
Most of the time I have little trouble but have
occasional bouts of sleeplessness.

Do you tend to be congested, stuffed up or have post nasal drip?

Rarely to never.
Most of the time.

Do you suffer indigestion, gas, bloating or stomach pain?

Lots. I take medication to control my symptoms.
Sometimes. But I control it by staying away from
offending foods and occasionally medicating.
Very infrequently and only if I eat something that
really should not be eaten anyway.

Do you tend to get colds and flus easily?

I get several colds every year and usually catch
the flu or some other upper respiratory infection.
I will usually have difficulty getting over them.
I'll get a cold or two and will get over them fairly
easily but will usually require some down time.
I rarely get sick, even when exposure is high. If I
catch a cold, it's mild and I get over it in a day or
two. Rarely interferes with daily life.

Do you have seasonal, environmental or food allergies?

Some and pretty minor.
Yes. Many and intense.

How much water do you drink daily?

I hate water.
Three 8 oz. glasses or less.
I try to drink 1/2 my body weight in ounces every

Do you often get puffy?


Do you have dark circles under your eyes?


Do you have trouble concentrating or staying focused?

I'm not sure. What am I doing right now?
Some days I experience a lack of concentration
or feel a bit foggy.
I am a clear thinker.

Do you get frequent headaches?

No. I am not bothered by headaches at all.
Frequent headaches and some migraines too.

Do you suffer from depression?

Yes, I have been diagnosed and take medication
for it.
Sometimes, undiagnosed and untreated with

Do you experience joint pains?

Lots of them. Pretty severe.
Sometimes, but isn't that just a normal part of
No. I'm flexible and pain free.

Do you go for more than one day without a bowel movement?

Yes. Regular for me is every few days.
I am like clockwork. I go every morning within an
hour of waking up.

Are you a smoker, former smoker or do you spend time around other people who smoke?


Do you have eczema, acne, psoriasis or varicose veins?


Do you consume less than 1 serving of green vegetables daily?