is your Beauty inside or out?

is your Beauty inside or out?

well, is ur beauty in looks,or personalliy? i think we should see! take this quiz if u dare 2 know the hard cold truth!

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so ur grandma just got back from the store, and as she comes in she asks u 2 help carrie bags in u say....

sure!!! not a problem!!
no way old woman!! u bought it u bring it in!

ur little brother is haveing trouble with a homework assingment, and no one but u can help him, but ur friends want u 2 go see a new movie with them u...

go with my friends!! let my brother figure his own problems out!!
help him!! i can c the movie later!!

some kid dares u 2 punch him u...

give him/her what they asked 4!!!!
walk away!

ur wost enemy is getting made fun of u....

stand up 4 him!!
make fun of him 2!!

u r walking down the street when some kid way younger than u (we r pretending u r of age) ofers u 50 bucks if u get them some beer u....

do it!
say no!!

u forget2 do u history homework when ur teacher ask 4 it u....

say i lost it!!
tell the truth

some guy that is really popular and hot asks u 2 have sex with him u....

say YESSS!!! way!!

a popular group at school wants u 2 join their "gang" but u have 2 steal some beer, and drugs u....

do it!! it is soo worth it!!
tell them no and walk away!

ok u r at the park with ur disabled sister, when u c the most popular kids at shcool..and they c u, and make fun of ur sister, ur sister starts crying, u..

stand up 4 her and stay right beside her pround!!
slowly slip away, im not with her!!

so u have 15 bucks, and u really want a new cd by ur fav. artist, u have enogh 4 at, but ur bff's b-day is 2marro and u don't have a gift for her u...

use the money 2 get want i want!!
by her a gift!! the cd will b there when i get more money!!

let say u r scared of dogs (i no its mayb lame but go with it!!) so u see a little bo arrcossed the street is being attacked by mean dogs u...

save him!!
omg!! not a chance will i risck my own life.. i don't even no him!!!

2 more, ur friend is haveing an epic party, and she needs ur help u...

sure!! its the least i can do!!
ur party ur work!!

late 1.. rate/comment?

no u anoying b----!!