Who would be your best friend?

For many this might be a bit confusing since it's based on characters of a story that I have created myself. That doesn't mean you can't take it though, as you may just be curious as to what kind of character you could be paired up with!

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Who would be your best friend?
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Are you a very social person?

If they're willing to have fun in bed, I'm there.
I hate people. No.
It takes me a while to trust people but eventually I make good friends.
Of course. I'm always around people and texting.
I don't take well to strangers but I keep close to my small friendship group.
I love to make new friends and very rarely get shy around new people.

Your perfect night out is:

Getting drunk and having lots of sex
Spending it alone at home
Watching movies alone or with friends
Getting wasted at a house party
Anything, as long as it's with friends and it's not getting anyone into trouble
Spending it quietly with someone special

What colour matches you?


If you had to describe yourself what would you choose?

Kind but I don't try hard.
A bit of an anti-social person but that's just because I know what the real world is like.
I act mean and people only hate me because I'm beautiful.
Bubbly and always out to have fun!
Kind and can take a joke but I know when to be serious.

What is your favourite genre for movies?

Anything with lots of sex
All TV bores me
Comedy and thriller!
Chick flicks
Lots of comedy and a little romance
Action-Thriller with a bit of gore!

What's your favourite snack?

I don't snack. I have to keep the perfect figure!
Anything I can get into my mouth!
Biscuits... especially when my friends make them!
Ice cream!
Mikado's and anything chocolaty!