do u luv new years find out

published on December 29, 201017 responses 6 4.0★ / 5

do u like fireworks

yeah i luv them
well fireworks r ok i mean there really loud thats all

how do u celebrate new years

my family has a huge party at my house and we watch the new years show thing
not really we just watch it
maybe well i have a tiny party just 4 my family basic mom dad aunt uncle any siblings thats all

do u like the ball that goes down

yeah its so sparkly from my tv
no it looks like all recycled newspapers
yeah i guess

wats the best thing about new years

every single part of it
ummm idk (i dont know)
the ball and watching it on tv

how well do u know new years

a bunch i celebrate every year
not that much
half and half

r u still up wen the clock strikes midnight on new years

yepp y wouldnt i
sometimes i sometimes dont even watch the ball thing
it depends really