Which Team Are You On? (1)

Which Team Are You On? (1)

You can take this quiz for the pointless fun of it I guess... But please note the story is from an online account. You will be 99 percent likely not to understand the result unless you know me in real life! So you may be wasting your time! Thanks for taking notice :)

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Which Side Do You Prefer - Good Or Evil?

Neither! I'm neutral! I do what I have to do!
I'm not really that evil - my intentions are good, I just have to commit bad crimes to get there!

Which weapon do you prefer?

Bombs! Blow up everything!
Knife - make it hurt!
My own fists!

Would you fight on behalf of your nation?

No - Never!

What's more important, yourself or your friends?

My friends

If you could, would you take over the world?

Yes! Any day!
No, that's ridiculous...
Yes if it would benefit others!
Yes, I'd make everyone my slave!

Do you often set out to claim revenge?

No/I forgive them.
Yes! They deserve whatever bad comes their way!
No, karma will do that for me.
I'd kill them if they crossed me!

Would you work independently in order to keep others out of trouble or would you drag other people along to help you with your plots?

No, I'd always work alone.
I'd get others to help to ensure my plans succeeded.
I may ask them to perform small tasks that won't get them in any trouble.
I'd kidnap strangers and threaten to kill them if they didn't do as I asked.

There's a bomb on count down. Would you risk your life to dismantle it?

No! People suck anyway!
Yes, I'd attempt it so long as I knew exactly what I was doing.
No, I'm the one who planted it there!
I know what I'm doing - of course I'd dismantle it! My friends are in danger!