Who Are You? (7)

Who Are You? (7)

Work out which roleplay character you are by answering some simple questions.

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Which style fits you?

Zarekist - Red, black and white.
Anything you can find.
Baggy clothing that's comfortable.
Vintage - Old dresses and jewelry.
Short skirts, tight shirts.
Punk with a retro/vintage twist

What weather suits you the best?

Warm. I can show off my body that way ;)
Don't care. It's just weather?
Anything. I'm grateful just to go outside.
I don't go out that much so it doesn't bother me.
Either, as long as people are causing trouble for me to
Warm weather - Cold weather is terrible.

You see someone on the floor, they seem to be injured. What do you do?

What's it to me? Walk away.
Walk over and ask for help. Maybe you could get
something out of them later since they owe you one.
Call for help but keep a safe distance, you're never too
sure about people these days.
I see no problem. Keep walking and hope someone else
will help.
NEWS. Run over to help then lie and exaggerate the
story when telling friends.
SHIT. Run to their rescue.

If you could have any animal, what would it be?

Something strong and attractive. Like me ;)
I hate animals, just as they hate me.
Any animal is great!
Cats are the way to my heart!
I have my dog. He's the best!
Anything cute and small. Big animals are a bit of a

How would your friends best describe you?

Perfect, obviously.
Cocky and loud
Quite but caring
Strange and secretive
Liar and a tell-tale
Kind and