What Hairstyle are U?

What Hairstyle are U?

There's all kinds of hairstyles to choose from but take my quiz to find out which one you truly are!

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On How to Rock what girl seems more like you?

The one with brown hair!I just haven't watched it in a while....
Well,she's the blonde girl but if I knew who she was....
Cyphonique!Not that I wanna be the star or anything!It's just who I think I'm most like,you know?

You were watching a movie with your Bff.What are U eating?

Nothing.It distracts me from the movie when I eat!
Gummies!Those little tiny bear ones!

How old are you?

Higher than all or lower than all

What does your persanolioty say about U?

It says I'm pretty and sweet!
It says I'm just me and nobody else!
It says I'm not afraid to speak up for myself

Name 5 things you'd buy at the mall.

Cellphone,Computer,Video Games,PSP,my very own extra computer(what if my other one wears out?)
Dresses,shoes,jackets,shirts(also known as tops)and shorts excpet if I had enough money I'd also buy pants!
Cellphone,shoes,Video Games,Shirts,and a computer!I'm Kinda a mixture of all the mall coustomers!


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