what breed of dog are you (1)

Ever wanted to know what type of dog you would be well here's your chance to find out.

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what do you do when you first meet someone?

greet them with a smile
show them around
tell them about yourself
not say much
walk away
make a great first impression

it's a Friday night what are you doing?

watching t.v
go to bed
invite a few friends over to watch a movie.
to the cinema
absolutely nothing

what type of dog

short hair
long hair
small dog
big dog

how important is your look

don't really care
couldn't care less
it means every thing to me!
alright I guess
my make-up box overflows.
I like to look okay

how clean are you?

I'm as filthy as a rat.
to be honest I'm not very clean
about average cleanliness
I am sooooo clean
sort of clean
I'm alright I guess

how active are you?

just show me the race track
alright, but I only go once a week
I do cycling
I live at the gym
exercise no way
don't go much