Would 2D or Murdoc date u?

Would 2D or Murdoc date u?

Dis quiz will tell u what u whant to know. all along uve wondered who would date u, well now u can figure it out.

published on December 07, 20124 responses 1

I know everyone hate this question but, whats your favorite color?

Yellow but neve blue ecspecaly WHALE BLUE!! GOD NO!!
Purple or red maybe..Har har

What religion are you? (sorry just part of de test)

Buddist of course!!!

Whats your fave animal?

Cats. Deffenetly cats.
Dogs. they remind me of my childhood

Do you think Paula was right to cheat on 2D?

NO!!! IT WAS WRONG!!(I agree)
Yes...very mutch so.

Whats your fave candy?

Black liqorish

Well this is the end see ya.

Nocome back...im lonley
oh thank GAWD!!