what makes you beutiyful-in one directions eyes

what makes you beutiyful-in one directions eyes

many girls(and guys) might wonder what would 1d think of them? well here is a quiz to what about you they would like the most.

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ok so first, you are alking down the hall, when you trip and your books fly everywhere! everyone is laughing at you what do you do?

laugh with them!!!
say "what are you laughing at!?" and make a friend pick up your books!
smile and shrug it off!
pick up my books, i won't let them get to me!!

ok, so a rumor about you is spead, it says that you smoke, which you don't, what dod you do?

laugh it off, and pretend to use you pencil to smoke!!
i will NOT let it get to me
my friends know it's not ture, that is all that matters!!
hunt down the jerk how started it and beat them up!!!

your friend comes to you crying, and tells you that her boyfriend called her fat, and broke up with her what do you do? (me: laughing like crazy!!...at the reading i wouldn't if it really happened!!)

say sorry
hunt him down and beat the heck out of that jerk!! no one treats my friend like that!!
ignor them
cry with her and talk about it!

you are at the fair with a friend, and her little sister drops their ice cream , and crys, (me: laughing again at the reading!!) what dod you do/

tell her to shut up!!
feel bad for her, but don't do anything
give her yours, it's almost gone anyway. (me: thats cheap!! funny... but cheap!!)
buy her another one!

you are walking home and you see a hurt kitten. you don't see it's mother, or an owner what do you do?

leave it there( me: o c'mon!!!)
take it home and take care of it myself, i can do it
give it to a friend to care for
take it to a shelter
take it home and call a shelter to see what they want you to do, and begg them to let you take care of it

you are walking down the street when you see a little boy crash his bike into the crub, what do you do? (me: i've done that befor...ouch!)

laugh at him!! ride much?!!
ignor him
go see if he is ok ,but thats it
see if he is ok, and help him

one more, you are at a party at the park, and all the sets are taken. you are siting down, but your old, granmother has no where to sit , and is hurting a little, why do you do?

let her have my sit!!
tell a friend to move so she could sit
i didn't even notice