Team edward Or Team Jacob

Team edward Or Team Jacob

do you like edward or jacob find out in this test please rate and leave a comment

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jake and edward are fighting
who wins?

jacob of course.
he is stronger and faster than those stinking vampires
no he's not edward is. he's way better than that stinking fleabag
are they fighting? this has to stop now
sheez lighten up. let them kill each other.

blood or human food

human stuff
can't i have both
i won't answer

fangs or fleas

both cuz i can't choose
ew neighter

forks or la push

forks is better
filthy mutt
no la push is
guys guys
both are great
hate both places

werewolf or vampire

werewolfs are awesome
there way better than those filthy blood suckers
no vampires are
you mutt
eehm can't i be team switserland
hate them all

bella or renesmee

bella of course
renesmee she's cuter
i like both
hate them all