do u hve the christmas spirt

do u like christmas find out here

published on December 25, 201038 responses 13
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do u believe in santa

if my friends believe in santa then i believe in santa
no santas fake

do u like the snow

ya i luv playing in it
sometimes if i feel like it
snow i hate it comepletly

wats the best thing bout presents

wrapping and seeing people happy wen they open ur presents
opening gifts hello
nothing all u do is open and wrap so boring

if u were 2 visit the north pole where would u go 1st

santa and his reindeer
run and go c wat u got from santa ur present
umm next 2 a tree??

watss ur fav colors our of these

red green and white
red blue and purple
gold silver and anything sparkly

quick pick 1


wats ur fav show or movie out of these

well i hve a bunch but i like shows and movies that sometimes have santa and rudalf and the other reindeer
none all these movies or shows r yuckish eww
the grinch hes awesome