What is your character?

What is your character?

Are you the clever marksman, or the honorable knight? Take this detailed and very fun quiz to find out from TEN CHARACTERS! :D

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How close to you is this?
I enjoy reading books.

How close to you is this?
I enjoy reading books.
How do you read?
I hate books!
Not at all.
Not my cup of tea
If I can do something else, I will.
I don't care.
It's okay.
I enjoy it.
Books are like an adventure!
OMG I can't get enough of those books!

How social are you.

How social are you.
shhh, if they don't see me, maybe they wont hear the voices in my head...
HA! Who needs friends?
I hate people -_-
I don't enjoy people.
I am annoyed easily
I don't care.
I like friends.
Teams are a good thing.
We should all team up on them!
HAHAHA Let's all get together and rule the world!

How brave are you?

How brave are you?
lol, let the other guy go in. I'm not risking my tail for this!
haha, you want me to go in there? funny.
Don't make me please!
Bravery is overrated.
I'm not too fond of it.
I'd like to think I am brave.
Just tell me where to go and who to kill.
Let me at 'em!
Just give me a sword and send me in!
I'll take them all on by my self! RAAAWR!

Do you strive for power?

Do you strive for power?
Who needs it?
eh, it's not for me.
power is overrated.
I'd rather keep to the shadows.
I'm kinda shy.
I'd like to be at least a little noticed.
I love being noticed.
The throne seems like a good spot for me >:)
Who do I need to assassinate to be the leader of the world?
I need POOOWER! Muahaha! I crave it!

What's your weapon of choice?

What's your weapon of choice?
A sword forged in the hottest fires of the deepest volcanoes
Daggers coated in the deadly venom of the most dangerous snakes and creatures on the planet.
pft, who needs weapons? I can shoot lightning from my fingers!
Undead army of minions
A strong willow bow or a huge-a* gun!
My fists...
nuf said.
A rapier. I'll swing my sword so fast you wont even see it coming!
I'm good with anything.
My sword my father gave to me as a boy. On it is inscribed my initials.
I'll just set a trap and watch them all burn. hahaha!

What would your familiar be?

What would your familiar be?
A pit-lion named Rex
A falcon named Fluffy
A baby dragon named Cypris
A demon-cat named Ashlie
A wolf named Zakrul
A cobra named Malekai
A tiger named Sam
An eagle named Daniella
A pug named Waxer
A cub bear named Bear

What is your favorite confection?

What is your favorite confection?
Peanut Brittle
Sour Candies
Gummy Candies

How cheap are you?

How cheap are you?
Money is but material. I don't need it.
Money has no value to me.
Nothing is too expensive.
I have enough.
Money comes and goes.
I'd like to have more.
The banker and the scrap. I'd rather be the banker.
Gold. oooh shiny.
Ha! You expect me to pay?
Please, I can't afford to pay attention! XD

What is your favorite color?

What is your favorite color?

How aggressive are you?

How aggressive are you?
Please don't make me fight!
Are they dead yet?
I'll just hide behind this here tree...
I'd rather not fight.
If there's no other way I'll fight.
Fighting is pretty fun.
My fists ache to meet someone's face.
Why else do we have fists?
I love the site of blood, someone else's of course.
I love the site of blood, mine or theirs. hehe ^^

What type of armor do you wear?

What type of armor do you wear?
Heavy metal armor with a chain mail underlay
Leather armor
My muscles are my armor.
Heavy cloth or chain mail
I don't need army if I never see the enemy
Plated armor or heavy lattice
A hooded cloak and a plated or lattice rib cage with a cloth face cover
A cape and long drapes or robes
My tunic is just fine