What Disney Fairy are U?

What Disney Fairy are U?

What Disney Fairy are U?Take my quiz to find out and please comment and get alot of responses!If you do I WILL fan you!

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What's your fairy power?

Tinker Fairy
Animal Fairy
Light Fairy
Garden Fairy
Water Fairy

Where would you rather live?

In a small shop covered with metal
In a cave with cuddly animals
In a lighting bug's home
In a rose
In a water slide

What do you like to do for fun?

I like to tinker on the computer
I like to make fireworks
I like to go to the pool or beach
I like to spend time with my pet
I like to garden in my backyard

What's your fav dress?

Something long and curvy
A nice dress that shows my legs
A dress with flower-like petals
One that I can move in,that's my fav
A dress that shouts out-I'm on an adventure!

What's your fav color?

Flutteriffic Green
Fabulous Orange
Flappy Yellow
Fitting Red
Flowing Blue

What kinda guys do you go for?

Energetic Ones
Cute Ones
Creative Ones
Bright Ones
Sweet Ones