What Disney Fairy are U?

What Disney Fairy are U?

What Disney Fairy are U?Take my quiz to find out and please comment and get alot of responses!If you do I WILL fan you!

published on December 05, 2012107 responses 29 4.5★ / 5

What do you like to do for fun?

I like to tinker on the computer
I like to make fireworks
I like to go to the pool or beach
I like to spend time with my pet
I like to garden in my backyard

What kinda guys do you go for?

Energetic Ones
Cute Ones
Creative Ones
Bright Ones
Sweet Ones

What's your fav dress?

Something long and curvy
A nice dress that shows my legs
A dress with flower-like petals
One that I can move in,that's my fav
A dress that shouts out-I'm on an adventure!

Where would you rather live?

In a small shop covered with metal
In a cave with cuddly animals
In a lighting bug's home
In a rose
In a water slide

What's your fairy power?

Tinker Fairy
Animal Fairy
Light Fairy
Garden Fairy
Water Fairy

What's your fav color?

Flutteriffic Green
Fabulous Orange
Flappy Yellow
Fitting Red
Flowing Blue