What Divergent Faction are you? (1)

What Divergent Faction are you? (1)

Find out what faction you are! Are you Dauntless, Erudite, Abnegation, Amity, or Cando?. Or are you divergent? Take this quiz to find out!

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What is your favorite faction???

DAUNTLESS!!!! I love watching them jump of buildings and trains!!!
I prefer Erudite.
I love Abnegation! They help so many people!
Honestly, Candor is the place for me.
Amity... duh
I like them all really...

What is you born faction??


What do you do on your free time?

Jump of a train!!
Working at the Amity fields... of corse!
Volunteer at a animal shelter, or helping the faction-less...
Should I study, go sky diving, of volunteer for something???
Umm not much, I just remain pure!

You are trapped into a small box, you......

You try to brake in open.
You scream to see if anyone can hear you.
You sit still and think of a strategy.
You sit and do nothing because you know that its not real.
You hold your breath to suffocate yourself for everyone else because they hate you.
You hear someone coming, you yell to get their attention and tell them that you come in peace.

How do fell about Dauntless???

They are so cool, but I can never do what they do!
I can use them as soldier!!! Wait did I say that out load????
I am not sure...
They called me a stiff...
AHHHHH Dauntless.... please don't hurt me!!!!!! I am to young to die!!!!!!!

How do you feel about Erudite????

I am smart to say that I love the Erudite people!!
Smart people
They tried to kill us!!!!
They used us as soldiers!!!
They are the only ones making sense...
I don't care about them...

Favorite color....

I like all colors!
Yellow or orange!

Have you every went sky diving before?

I have to research it first...
You bet... every day!
Why are you asking this now???
Umm is it safe?
Never... I prefer to help the faction-less!!!
I would like to...

How do you fell about divergence?

Ummm I think I am divergent...
Kill the at once..
Will they hurt me?
They are people too you know...
Honestly, I don't care, they just cant be controlled..

Are you bored now????

Yes!!!! Can I go now????
I am really enjoying this!!
I need to go the faction-less homes... is this almost done??
Honestly..... I am pooped
Still don't wanna hurt your feelings!!!
Who knows???

Beach of New York city??

I stay at home studding!
The beach!!!! I love building sand castles!!!
Not sure...
NYC please! I love jumping from building to building!

How do you feel about abnegation???

I should be abnegation... one day...
I love how the help everyone!!
Once a stiff.... always a stiff....
Ugggg I hate them...
Nice people...

If you had a choice to jump into a black hole, shoot yourself, or jump off a cliff. , you.....

Just jump in the hole!!!!!
I think I see water on the bottom of that cliff.... CANONBALL!!!!!
ummmmmm, well of the those aren't safe. This is a health code violation...
Just shoot yourself you have nothing to live for...
Um, what should I do?
Why should I care??? I will die in all of them!!! LOL

How do you feel about Amity???

Kindness is life!! YOLO
Hate them...
I need to know more about them...
They are the kindest people I ever met!!!!
I really don't know....
They are chill

What is you fears???

Got none....
Divergence and forgetting everything I know...
Everything that can kill me...
Faction-less getting killed.
Do I have any... who knows!!!

What is 3 X 4 + 2 - 7 + 20=

Why should I care???
Umm, 3 X 4 + 2 - 7 + 20=27!!!!
I am putting money on 28!
Why.... Is there a tattoo parlor near by???
I cant worry about this now.. I have to help the faction-less
The truth is that.. I don't know math...

How do you feel about candor???

Honesty is key!!
I think they are very trustful people...
They are always telling the trust.... why.... so people know they battle plans and learn hoe to defeat them..... no in my house!!
They are very honest... I get that.
I don't know that much about them... I have to research about this...
They are honest but don't do much charity work..

Is this test boring yet???

You bet!! I have been sitting here for hours!! I got to go fun a lap or something.
I think tests help your brain.
Yea I NEED to go to the faction-less homes to help them cook...
Honestly... you need to work of giving people tests...
I don't really know...
Um I don't want to offend you...