What Friends for Change Girl are U?

What Friends for Change Girl are U?

Do you know this Disney program called Friends For Change!Please take my quiz if you do!!!

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What's your fav color?

Red and orange
Yellow and green
Blue and Purple
Just Pink!

What's your hair color?


You have to babysit for 5 kids and when they all ask you for brownies you:

Get the heck outta there!They are sooo crazy if they think your giving them brownies without parent permisson!
Say OK but only if they let them share the brownies with you
Say WAT!and try to entertain them another way
Already know what to do!Your a babysitting excpert!

What do you do to help out people in need?

Play the piano for them
Dance for them
Put on a silly show for them
Sing for them

What nickname sounds better?

Al Pal
Ce me
Hard as Rock