What type of animal are you? (1)

What type of animal are you? (1)

Are you a Elephant? A killer whale? A tiger? A housecoat? Dog? Mouse? Guinea Pig? Monkey? Horse? BigCat?

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What is your favorite type of person?

Shy, yet safe
Smart and Brainy
Bold and Ferocious
Couch Potato
Active and Playful
Water Lover

What do you like to do for fun?

Hide in your room
Play war, football, and tackle field
Sneak up on a friend and say "BOO!"
Stick your nose in a book
Play soccer with friends
Sit around and watch TV or play on the computer

What is you favorite game/sport?

Man Hunt / CTF
Minecraft-Im the champ at it
None- they would all KILL ME!!!!

How do you describe yourself?

A fish
Sneaky and always in the shadows
An encyclopedia
All brawns, no brains
Afraid of life, and all its relatives

What do you want to do when you grow up?

Create a sanctum to retreat to when life goes wrong
Be a soccer coach
Be a spy, or a ninja, or maybe a prankster. Or, go live in the jungle like a savage and kill all in sight
Win the lottery and retire to the couch, chips, and TV!
Work at an aquarium, hopefully in the tanks with the dolphins and whales, and WATER!
Play paintball, be a football star, or join the war.
Run a library and memorize ALL the informational books, plus a few plays