What Element are you? (1)

What Element are you? (1)

In a world with elementally gifted children, it's hard to hide. The elementals, as these children are simply known as, have kept their secret safe ever since elemental abilities have existed, which was not so long ago. Find out what element you are destined to control!

published on December 04, 201250 responses 19
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Favorite made up word?


Dance to the music! You prefer-
(Doesn't matter your ability to do these things..XD)

Break dancing!
Slow dancing...
A sexy, quick, slick, flirty dance that brings out your inner animal. XD
Dancing slowly with flow and balance, a beautiful circulation of movement.
Your just everywhere, doing everything!

What's your favorite hobbies and studies out of these (You don't have to like all of the listed ones)

Cloud watching, sleeping, jump rope, running, meteorology, aerodynamics, piloting, science...
Philosophy, paranormal stuff, counseling, missions,
Gardening, raising animals, farming, rock climbing, traveling, hiking, tennis,
Fire-works, weapons, war tactics, welding, cars, trains, wood shop, basketball,
Rock collecting, spelunking, diamonds, shiny objects, treasure hunting, archeology, football,
Swimming, boating, meditation, yoga, ice cream, lemonade, rain, afternoons, mud,

What's your favorite colors?

Green, brown, yellow!
Red, orange, black, maybe blue a bit...
Tan, Brown, Black, grey, silver, gold...
Neon green, Neon blue, neon purple, neon everything!
Black and white, or I don't really have one.
Blue, purple, aqua, green, silver.

Favorite type of music?

Classic rock and roll!
Jazz or simple tunes!
Rap or opera!
Dubstep or techno!
Hard rock or screamo!
Pop music, romantic music, or classical!

Favorite time of the year?

Off work/school days because of stormy weather!
Sport season!
Summer time vacation!

First of all, what element do you like the most? Want element would you want to be?

Fire elemental.
Earth elemental.
Water elemental.
Storm elemental.
Spectrum elemental.
Leaf elemental.
Can't choose!
I don't care.

Favorite phrase?

"Never let it fade....keep your soul alit!"
"Find that place where you cannot resist smiling."
"It's there, you just can't see it."
"Just breathe and everything will turn out good in the end."
"You really believe you can overpower the awesome that is myself?"
"It's not over until everything's ok."

What is your favorite Keldamor character so far?

I like Haze! He's so shy and cute and awesome...
I like Cesare, he's deep and really messy with his house....
I like Carlo, he's nice and says 'dude' a lot. XD
I like Prim! She's stubborn and angry!
I like Kita. She's sweet and nice.
I dunno who I like...>.<

Be honest. What role do you play at school?

Goody goody good grades
Bad boy/Bad girl
Nice, really cool, with average grades...
Rocking the shiz off with pretty low grades! XD