all about YOU!

all about YOU!

a quiz that tells you about your personality : are you sneaky ? or are you FEARLESS ? well ther is no time left and you can get different personalitys too just play to find out!

published on December 02, 201269 responses 18 4.8★ / 5

what would you do if you had a pet snapping turtle that was loose
in your bedroom

wouldnt care if it snaps me it snaps me
throw it down the drain dont want anyone to notice

what would you do if someone pushes you around

wouldnt care if i dont notice im more powerful than they are

what will you do when someones down

try to make them laugh
give them a hug

whats your fave color

anything bright like yellow
none of these

fave food

pizza everybody loves that
icecream its junk