Are you a Earth pony, Unicorn or pegasus?

Are you a Earth pony, Unicorn or pegasus?

I wasn't lazy this time MAHAHAHA! alicorns do not count so be aware! I added a brony/pegasus picture along with it so enjoy! :)

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What do you want to have to live as a pony?


Where do you want to work at?

At school... I guess.

Desciption of yourself?

rowdy, hardworking, honest or considerate.
Loyal, unstoppable, loving or never discouraged.
Clever, bookworm, heartwarming.

A young filly follows you around ponyville nonstop what will you do?

ask politely why is she following you.
Get throughly annoyed.
ignore her.

Somepony tells you a secret will you keep it.

sadly i wouldn't i'll fly up to cloudsdale and tell a friend!
of course i will! it's a secret and i keep it i swear!
Sometimes i do but there's always somepony harassing me about secrets!

Do you lie?

no, very honest to my friends!
I lie when I need to, but otherwise no!
um.... yes, i do, wait! no!

do you give or take?

Alot of ponies say I give, but i never take. Strange, isn't it?
Always take!

You will rather...

play, laugh, hangout.
study, i have a pop quiz coming up anyway!
work, bunch of chores to get out of the way

Are you born around the ...

Winter/Fall pony

Let's say you failed an exam you will probably...

Panic! Duh! that exam was important!
Ask if i can retake the exam. If not, i'll study much harder next time.
Pfft! Pleeasse! who would be upset over failing?!

Who's side would you rather be with? you know, winter wrap up?

Rainbow dash's, don't get me wrong!
Applejacks's side
Rarity side

Are you a...

Speedy pony
Smart pony
Strong pony

Quiz over, predict your race!

Earth pony