Could you be a movie star/singer/dancer or writer?

Could you be a movie star/singer/dancer or writer?

Well.... Could you be a movie star/singer/dancer or writer? Like, in the show business, in other words? Take this quiz to find out! (By the way, I worked very hard on this quiz, so I hope you enjoy it! :D)

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At school you are doing a production about a writer, a dancer, a singer and a actor. You get to choose which role you want to play. Which role do choose?

The dancer!! I didn't have to think twice.
The singer!! Lalalaaa!
The actor! The person you are looking at here
is fabulous at acting!
Oh my.. I would take the writer!
None of above.

You have just come home, very sad, because you and your best friend got into a fight. You...

Write a poem about your emotion.
Listen to some music (while singing along) to
cheer yourself up a little bit.
Act out the fight. (Yes I know, random)
Make up a new dance routine.
None of above.

What movies do you watch?

I don't watch movies. I write movies.
All those dramatic movies.
Musicals- they sing a lot.
Musicals with lots of dancing.
None of above.

What do you like doing in your free time at home?

Singing! I always use my hair brush to sing!
Dancing! I love making up new routines to
songs! It's what I do!
Acting/making videos! Like, acting out roles
from movies or making a video. It's fun!
Writing! I do enjoy writing stories/poems..
None of above.

Your friends would call you...

A Very energetic person and always dances
when they get the chance!
A Very dramatic person with great acting
A Very melodic person, who loves singing and
is good at it.
A Very witty person, who writes fabulous
stories, poems, etc.
None of above.

What kind of videos do you watch on YouTube?

Dramatic ones. All I can say.
Music Videos! Their dance moves are so professional!
Singing Stars!
My author's videos.
None of above.

Lets say you win a contest- Build a Building - and you can build any building you want in your town/city. You decide you'd like the building to be...

A music shop.
A Theatre.
A book shop.
A dance academy.
None of above.

You have a free Friday night and you can go anywhere you want. Where would you go?
(These options don't really happen so often, so choose one you would like to go to)

A dance- off!
My author's book-signing.
A concert!
The Red carpet where all my favourite actresses and actors will be!
None of above.

Your teacher assigns you a task- you have to paint a painting. You paint...

A painting of a stack of books.
A painting of a microphone.
A painting of a dancer.
A painting of your favourite actor/actress.
None of above.

You go to Build-A-Bear (Sorry if this is babyish, but it is an idea!) and you are choosing the outfit for your bear. There are thousands of shirts. You want a shirt for a bear- which shirt do you choose?

The shirt that makes the bear look like a fine actor.
The shirt that has a star on it and on the star it says: 'Singing Star'.
Funky clothes! Dancer's always wear funky clothes!
The one that has a pencil on it.
None of above.