Could you be a movie star/singer/dancer or writer?

Could you be a movie star/singer/dancer or writer?

Well.... Could you be a movie star/singer/dancer or writer? Like, in the show business, in other words? Take this quiz to find out! (By the way, I worked very hard on this quiz, so I hope you enjoy it! :D)

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What movies do you watch?

I don't watch movies. I write movies.
All those dramatic movies.
Musicals- they sing a lot.
Musicals with lots of dancing.
None of above.

You go to Build-A-Bear (Sorry if this is babyish, but it is an idea!) and you are choosing the outfit for your bear. There are thousands of shirts. You want a shirt for a bear- which shirt do you choose?

The shirt that makes the bear look like a fine actor.
The shirt that has a star on it and on the star it says: 'Singing Star'.
Funky clothes! Dancer's always wear funky clothes!
The one that has a pencil on it.
None of above.

At school you are doing a production about a writer, a dancer, a singer and a actor. You get to choose which role you want to play. Which role do choose?

The dancer!! I didn't have to think twice.
The singer!! Lalalaaa!
The actor! The person you are looking at here
is fabulous at acting!
Oh my.. I would take the writer!
None of above.

Your teacher assigns you a task- you have to paint a painting. You paint...

A painting of a stack of books.
A painting of a microphone.
A painting of a dancer.
A painting of your favourite actor/actress.
None of above.

You have a free Friday night and you can go anywhere you want. Where would you go?
(These options don't really happen so often, so choose one you would like to go to)

A dance- off!
My author's book-signing.
A concert!
The Red carpet where all my favourite actresses and actors will be!
None of above.

What kind of videos do you watch on YouTube?

Dramatic ones. All I can say.
Music Videos! Their dance moves are so professional!
Singing Stars!
My author's videos.
None of above.

You have just come home, very sad, because you and your best friend got into a fight. You...

Write a poem about your emotion.
Listen to some music (while singing along) to
cheer yourself up a little bit.
Act out the fight. (Yes I know, random)
Make up a new dance routine.
None of above.

Lets say you win a contest- Build a Building - and you can build any building you want in your town/city. You decide you'd like the building to be...

A music shop.
A Theatre.
A book shop.
A dance academy.
None of above.

Your friends would call you...

A Very energetic person and always dances
when they get the chance!
A Very dramatic person with great acting
A Very melodic person, who loves singing and
is good at it.
A Very witty person, who writes fabulous
stories, poems, etc.
None of above.

What do you like doing in your free time at home?

Singing! I always use my hair brush to sing!
Dancing! I love making up new routines to
songs! It's what I do!
Acting/making videos! Like, acting out roles
from movies or making a video. It's fun!
Writing! I do enjoy writing stories/poems..
None of above.