Which outnumbered character are you?

This is a quiz to tell you who you are (This is using all the characters in the episode on 30th november 2012)

published on February 17, 201317 responses 3
Which outnumbered character are you?
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Your Mum tries to drag you out shopping at the weekend so you..

Tell her you've got band practise you can always go to your friends and pretend you're practising!
Tell her OK but she has to buy you everything you want!
Groan and complain it will only waste money..
Think up some bonkers theroy why you can't go shopping
You are the one who wants to go shopping in the first place.

Pick a face

None of the above

Would your friends class you as crazy?

I don't have any friends really! :-(
Definatley crazy! 8-D
Well I don't know I have never asked them have I?
No way i am far to sofisticated for that!

You turn up to work/school in your uniform/smart clothes and realise your were supposed to wear just normal casual clothes what do you do?

Call your mum to bring you some clothes quick!
Walk around looking like an idiot all day?
Pretend you meant to wear it as a joke!
You just wouldn't do that you are far to organised
What when did they say that we weren't wearing uniform?

What do you watch on TV in the evening?

Strictly Come dancing!