r u still a little girl or did u grow up

r u still the little girl u used 2 be or did u grow up and throw ur kid life away

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wats ur fav show or wen u were a kid

hello kitty
come on all thoses shows r 4 babies
winnie the pooh
none i hate all of those shows
dora the explorer

wat do u do wen ur alone

watch my favorite little shows
talk on the phone all day
take a little snooze
leave the house and go hang somewhere
play with ur mom dad aunt uncle or siblings

do u like stuffed toys

yeah i have a teddy bear thats really special
no there really 4 big fat babies
kind of but i still luv them
im not a kid anymore im grown out of every toy well some but i tottally grown out of stuffed animals

how do u sleep

i sleep with my mom and dad still
i have my own room duh
i sleep cuddled up in blankets
i sometimes stay up all night i dont have 2 have bedtimes anymore

wats ur fav food

spagetti myfavorite
pizza i luv eating it with friends
noodles yumm
chips and all kinds of sweets i dont care if my parents get mad